Real Food is Good Medicine

Triple Bottom Line

Fat Bean Farm & Food Co. is focused on Real Food and Food as Medicine. We grow food sustainably on our farm, we ferment food in our Brinery and we are serve food at farm-to-table dinners and local festivals. This focus on Real Food is at the heart of our business model. We operate with a triple-bottom line mentality, that means financial, communal, and environmental.  We like to eat and serve food that not only taste good, but feels good.

Fat Bean Brinery

The Brinery

Fat Bean Brinery is our product business that helps us turn produce from the farm into preserved food for your belly. We are fermenting kraut, kvass and tonics that are available at the Floyd Farmer’s Market every Saturday.

Festival Food Vending

At Fat Bean Farm and Food Co. we are passionate about Real Food. For our festival offering we feature a menu made up almost entirely of fresh, local, organic ingredients that we have either grown ourselves or sourced from our friends and neighbors in our vibrant community. All our meats are of the highest quality; humanely raised, hormone, antibiotic, nitrate and additive free! We feature raw, wild fermented, local sauerkraut and kimchi for all the added benefits of the new sixth food group! We make our dough onsite and cook tortillas fresh to order. Every. Single. Thing. that we put in front of anyone is made from scratch! You won’t find any large pans of food languishing in a steam table here, or any salsa coming from a giant jug. You will see bushel baskets of gorgeous fresh produce, fresh dough being pressed and cooked, see fresh ingredients being made into salsas and slaws, you will see all this and say to yourself, “I can eat here! This looks amazing!”

Small Plates Catering

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