About Us

Fat Bean Farm & Food Co. was founded November 22, 2014 when the realization hit us that a farm is not a piece of property that you own, a farm is the fertile soil that you form a relationship with.  We realized that we had been farming for years and loving it, but somehow because we didn’t ‘own our own farm’ we didn’t think we could be farmers… bologna! That day at the home we rent in Floyd we gathered soil from a garden bed next to our front porch and put it in a glass jar to commemorate the day we realized that Fat Bean Farm & Food Co. had begun.

Kris Bower

Real Food Advocate

Katie Roberts

Real Food Advocate

Festivals & Food

Our love of both of these things and each other became the focus of what we could do together. After selling Dogtown Roadhouse and vowing to never have a traditional brick and mortar restaurant again, we decided to take our food creations on the road. This made farming challenging, so we started gathering food from other local farms to continue to get the quality and variety we were used to.

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