Fat Bean Taco

Tacos: one of the most enduringly popular and easily accessible food items! Never overlooked, yet consistently taken for granted, there will always be some form of the immortal taco Tuesday.

In the recent decades heights of convenience, tacos, like most food offerings, have become homogenized and dumbed down. That’s not who we are, that’s not what we do. We like Real Food.

So, here’s how we make ours . . .

Fresh, Local & Organic Ingredients

This means everything to us. We choose not to support large food conglomerates. We have built Fat Bean on an ethos of Real Food. We buy local almost exclusively, always fresh, and organic when possible. We choose to support the vibrant community of real life farmers, young and old. Coming from that lifestyle ourselves, and maintaining our own pocket farm, lets us know not only what really goes into getting the food to the people, but also, just how much better it tastes.

Hand-Rolled Tortillas

The bedrock. We make our tortillas from scratch.  Accept no substitute.  A real handmade tortilla is a thing of beauty, a transcendent moment.  We have had so many people come up to us and say, ‘It’s like I’ve never had a taco before!’ And this all starts with the dough.  We mix it by hand, knead it by hand, daily, on site.  We then hand roll it and blister it over cast iron to create a magnificent artisan canvas for our tacos. A real tortilla will change at least your ideas of food, if not your life.

Salsas Made Fresh Daily

We don’t cook for a couple of hours and fill up a steam table. We don’t buy jugs of salsas from Sam’s. We don’t wait for festival goers to wander up so we can scoop and serve. We cook. All day. To order. We make everything on our menu from scratch. We take our amazing produce and turn it into a variety of unique and exciting toppings.

Humanely Raised Meats

Our proteins are no exception to our food ideals.  We source local pork and beef for our menu. Humane farming practices, no antibiotics, no growth hormones. We like to know where everything comes from. So we know the farmers, we’ve been to the farms. We cook our meats to order and the difference is out of this world.

No Preservatives, etc

Last, but certainly not least, there’s no junk in our food. Literally none. Not a single unidentifiable, unpronounceable ingredient to be found anywhere. We use the best flour, crystal clear Floyd County spring water, non gmo local and organic fruits and veggies, and clean local proteins. No additives, no nothing, but the good. Welcome to the new real food revolution.

Frequent Repeat Customers

One of the things that clued us in immediately to the fact that we were on to something was the frequency of repeat customers. We have had so many folks tell us that Fat Bean Taco is the only place they will eat all weekend! And then tell the others in line that “they are about to have the best taco of their life!”.  This is not only because of our quality ingredients, fresh preparations and magnetic front of house. It is also because of the VIBE that we create. That vibe goes into the food and into the festival goer to maintain their positive experience and help keep them dancing all night.

Seasoned Crew

We’re festival people. We aim to connect on every level. We strive to keep the vibe alive! We have a passion for what we bring to the table, and we treat our approach to it as part of the show. We like to put on a show… and it shows!

Eco-Friendly Packaging

We use recyclable kraft paper containers for our food and compostable cups for our drinks. We compost our waste food scraps and do our best to be conscious about food ordering and waste by donating to local food pantries like Plenty!.

The Evolution of Little Taco Hut

We are Fat Bean Taco.

We love food. We love music. And we LOVE to fest it up!

We’ve been festival food vending for nine years. Previously we did wood fired pizza, we do a side operation with grass-fed burgers and fries. We’re based in Floyd, VA, that has not one, or two, but THREE festivals yearly, including the sixteen year running FloydFest extravaganza. We have so much appreciation for the folks that organize these amazing, expansive events and we take our part in participating in them to a different level.

Eat, Drink and Be Merry

In the grand old tradition of eat, drink, and be merry, we imbue the eat aspect with a loving energy. Our festival booth is built around making a festival goers food experience every bit as exciting and rewarding as any other part. We’ve seen so many food vendors with lines of angry, sad, bedraggled, inebriated and bored customers. That’s not us. How could you be any of those things when there is so much activity going on in front of you? Someone will be chopping fresh produce to make salsa, someone will be tending a constantly blazing grill with proteins cooked to order, there will be a tortilla maker hand rolling and firing, there will be someone up front smiling and joking and taking orders while making specialty drinks! You might get a shot of beet kvass on the house for a little probiotic restoration and real food education. You might be offered a cartwheel challenge, an arm wrestling contest or an impromptu dance off for a free taco.

Everyone. Will. Be. Dancing.

We’re festival people. We aim to connect on every level. We strive to keep the vibe alive! We have a passion for what we bring to the table, and we treat our approach to it as part of the show. We like to put on a show.

Our goal with Fat Bean Tacos is to be more than just a pit stop for fuel. We want to provide a real food experience that heightens the atmosphere of the already potent festival energy.


In the truly sage words of an eminent liver of life. . .

‘We can’t not do what we do.’

And what we do, it’s not just for us, it’s for you.

Kris & Katie Lu

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